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How to Open a Garage Door Manually Without Power

How to Open a Garage Door Manually Without Power?

Mehr’s Garage Doors has been St. George, Utah’s top garage door manufacturer and repair company for over four decades. We recognize that power interruptions can happen at any time. Learning to open your garage door when it opens physically is vital to gaining access to your vehicle or other goods. We’ll show you how to safely open your garage door during a power outage and give you some critical safety tips.

Safety precautions

Its weight may cause it to fall, injure, or damage someone, so never manually open a partially open garage door.

  1. Make sure the garage door is completely closed. Its weight may force it to fall, harming or damaging someone. Therefore, never attempt to open a partially open garage door manually.
  2. Unplug your automated garage door opener. Even if the power is off, unplug your automated garage door opener before operating it manually. This prevents any electrical problems or damage to the opener.
  3. Keep the garage door passage free. Before manually opening the garage door, ensure no people, animals, or items are in their way.

How to Open Your Garage Door from the Inside?

When the power fails in your garage, you can manually open the door by completing the following:

  1. Find the emergency release cord. The red rope with a handle that hangs from the trolley that connects the garage door to the automated opener is often this.
  2. Pull the emergency release cord toward you. After disengaging the trolley from the automatic opener, you can operate the door manually. When the trolley comes loose, you should hear a popping noise.
  3. Lift the door with the handle. Now that the trolley has stopped moving, you may use the handle to open the garage door. When lifting the door from the bottom, place the weight on your legs rather than your back. Stop and call a professional for assistance if the door feels heavy or difficult to raise for no apparent reason.
  4. When finished, close the door manually. When you’ve finished utilizing your garage, draw the door back down until it’s completely closed. Pull the emergency release cable back toward the automatic opener until you hear it snap in place. This will return the trolley to its proper location.

How to Open Your Garage Door from the Outside?

First, manually locate the emergency release kit to open your garage door from the outside. This is typically located around the center of the top of your garage door, and you may need a key to access it. If you still need an emergency release kit, get it fitted by a professional.

Once you’ve discovered and opened your emergency release kit, follow these steps:

  1. Use the key to unlock the tumbler. The emergency release package includes a tumbler that may be opened with the key provided. To reach the emergency release cable, spin the key to open the tumbler.
  2. Pull the cord to detach the trolley. Pulling the emergency release wire, as with the emergency release cord inside the garage, disconnects the trolley from the automatic opener and switches the door to manual mode.
  3. Unlock the manual door lock. Most garage doors include a manual lock near the center and an automated lock controlled by the opener. Use the key to unlock this lock.
  4. Use the knobs to lift the door open. Lift the door with the handles precisely as you would from within the garage when unlocked and in manual mode. Don’t harm your back when lifting; instead, utilize your legs.
  5. Close the door from inside. After entering the garage, manually close the door by pushing the handle down. Return the trolley to its proper position by pressing the emergency release line toward the opener.

Resetting the Garage Door Opener After Power Restored

Once your home’s power is restored, reset your garage door opener so the automated opening mechanism can function correctly. How To Do It:

  1. Ensure that the door is completely closed. Before resetting the opener, ensure the garage door is entirely closed and no one is blocking it.
  2. Pull the emergency release rope toward the door. This will reactivate the trolley and link the garage door to its automated opener.
  3. Plug the garage door opener back in. If you disconnected it before to manipulate the door manually, do so now.
  4. Test the opener. Try using your remote or a wall switch to ensure the garage door opener works appropriately. If you have any problems, see a professional.


Homeowners should be able to open their garage doors manually during a power outage. There is no need to be concerned about going into your garage or vehicles when the power goes out, as long as you follow the instructions in this guide and remember to be careful.

If you need more clarification or the door feels particularly heavy or difficult to operate, feel free to seek professional help. Mehr’s Garage Doors has professional technicians accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any garage door problems, whether caused by a power outage or something else.

We hope this guide was valuable and exciting for you. Please contact us if you have any more concerns regarding manually opening and shutting your garage door or if you want to schedule a service. Our professional team is always available to assist you in keeping your garage door secure and functional.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

In addition to learning how to operate your garage door during a power outage manually, you can do a few additional things to keep it in excellent condition and make it last longer:

  1. Keep moving components lubricated regularly. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to your garage door’s rollers, hinges, and tracks at least twice a year to maintain them smooth and silent.
  2. Check the door and hardware for indications of wear. Check your garage door and its components for damage or symptoms of wear, such as frayed wires, twisted tracks, or cracked rollers. If you notice any problems, you should call a professional for repairs.
  3. Test the safety features. Your garage door should include safety measures like photo eyes and auto-reverse systems to prevent it from colliding with persons or objects. Ensure the closed door reverses correctly every month by placing something in its path.
  4. Keep the space surrounding the door tidy. Clear trash and dust from the tracks and sensors regularly to keep them from accumulating and rendering the door inoperable.
  5. Schedule your yearly professional maintenance. Like your automobile, your garage door needs occasional maintenance by a certified professional. Once a year, call a trustworthy garage door provider for maintenance. This will keep your door working smoothly and detect any problems early.

Why Choose Mehr Garage Doors?

Mehr’s Garage Doors has provided high-quality garage door installation, maintenance, and repair services to St. George, Utah residents for over 40 years. These are some reasons why our clients trust us with their garage doors.

  1. Experience: Our specialists have been in the garage door business for over 40 years and know how to solve any problem, large or small.
  2. Quality items: We have numerous gorgeous, high-quality garage doors from well-known companies, so you can be confident that your new door will last.
  3. Exceptional service: From the initial consultation to the final installation or repair, our courteous, professional staff is dedicated to providing you with the finest customer service possible.
  4. Emergency assistance: We are available 24/7. We understand that garage doors do not usually break during working hours. We provide emergency repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can be there when you need us the most.
  5. Affordable Prices: Everyone should be able to get high-quality garage door servicing. We strive to keep our pricing affordable while maintaining high-quality work.

If you reside in or around St. George, Utah, and need garage door installation, repair, or maintenance, look no further than Mehr’s Garage Doors. Contact us today to book your consultation and experience the impact our knowledge and passion for customer satisfaction can make.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I manually open my garage door without using an emergency release kit?

You can manually open your garage door without an emergency release kit, but having one is more secure and handy. Without the proper equipment and information, opening the door without a rope might injure you or damage the door.

How frequently should I get my garage door properly maintained?

Have a professional maintain your garage door at least once a year. Our professionals will inspect the door and hinges for indications of wear, oil any moving components, and make any other necessary adjustments to keep your door functioning smoothly and safely.

What should I do if my garage door is too heavy or difficult to lift?

If your garage door seems heavy or difficult to raise, you should wait to try to open it. This might indicate that a spring has cracked or another severe issue requires professional repair. Call Mehr’s Garage Doors if you need assistance.

Can I change the battery in my garage door opener during a power outage?

Some newer garage door openers include backup batteries that allow them to work during a power outage. If your opener has this feature, you can restore power by replacing the battery. However, if you want further clarity or are dissatisfied with the procedure, you should seek assistance from a professional.

How long will a standard garage door last?

High-quality garage doors may survive for 20 to 30 years or longer with regular maintenance. However, the frequency you use your door, the weather, and how regularly you repair it can all impact its longevity. Mehr’s Garage Doors can inspect your door and advise if it shows symptoms of age or wear.


Mehr’s Garage Doors is committed to becoming your reliable source for all garage door information. Our trained team is here to help you whether you need assistance with a manual door opening during a power outage, are considering a new door installation, or have concerns about how to keep your present door. If you need help with your garage door in St. George, Utah, please immediately contact us.